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Welcome to the Kindergarten News Page! Please find any announcements and newsletters that affect all kindergarten classrooms here. If you have any questions about your child's individual class, please go to your teacher's staff webpages.

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We love and miss each student!!!  

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Nonsense Word Practice

Nonsense words are parts of big words. Reading nonsense words will help students read big words later. For example: Nonsense words:                           fan                                        tas                                          tic                          

Put the 3 nonsense words together to get fantastic! Nonsense words are very important. Students are to say the sounds first, then blend the sounds together to make a nonsense word.

PCES Kindergarten Teachers

School Supply List

2   Jumbo Pencils
2   Boxes of Kleenex
3   Plastic 2-Pocket Folders – no prongs
3   Box of Crayons (16 count) Classic
2   Boxes of Ziploc Bags (1 quart and 1 gallon size)
1   Box Markers, Washable, Classic Colors (not bold or neon)
2   10 Count Pack of # 2 regular size pencils
1   Pair Safety Scissors (child size)
8   Glue Sticks
1   Plastic School Supply Box (no longer than 9 inches in length)
1   Book Bag (recommended)
As students use supplies during the year, it will become necessary to purchase additional quantities of items from the list.

Word Games to Play with Students

You say bookstore -- Have the student repeat the word.  Now ask them to say the word without the word book.  (They should say store). Use this list of words having them repeat the word and then say it again without the first or last part of the word.

timeline        bulldog       pavement       cupcake       doorstep      rosebud     padlock

liftoff             outlook       inchworm       lipstick          firehouse    weekday     blastoff


 You say tan -- Have the student repeat the word. Now ask them to say the word again but don't say /t/ (you will say the sound for t not the letter t.)  The student will say an. Try these words having the students say the word then ask them to say it again without the beginning sound.   

lace       boil     fold      rink     cold     hitch     near     teach     rate     lame     tape