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5th Grade Newsletter Week of: 8/26/19  


Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser begins Monday!

Grandparents’ Day – Sept. 6th


Long Vowel Digraphs Test on Wednesday!

Adding -ed, -ing (Starts Thurs.)

1. supplied 2. supplying 3. denied 4. denying 5. decided 6. deciding 7. included 8. including 9. admitted 10. admitting 11. occurred 12. occurring 13. qualified 14. qualifying 15. identified 16. identifying 17. delayed 18. delaying 19. satisfied 20. satisfying

Challenge Words

21. occupied 22. occupying 23. criticized 24. criticizing 25. omitted 26. omitting

Test Next Wed. 9/4


Independent and Dependent Clauses Test on Wednesday!

Compound and Complex Sentences A compound sentence contains two simple sentences joined with a comma and a word such as and, but, and or. For example: I went to the game, but Juan stayed home. A complex sentence is made up of a simple sentence and another part. The other part has a subject and verb, but it is a dependent clause, which means it doesn’t make sense by itself. For example: After he finished his homework, Juan came and joined me.

Test Next Wed. 9/4


We will be starting a new unit this week on volume. Study multiplication facts because we will start quizzes on facts NEXT Tuesday (September 3). No Test.


(TSW) analyze how technology solves problems and provides solutions.

(TSW) make and test predictions about water transport systems.

(TSW) investigate how technology can mimic the human muscular and skeletal systems.

(TSW) define simple design problems and will design models by using the design process.

(TSW) redesign a model of a robotic arm that can pick up objects.


5th Grade Newsletter 8/12/2019  


STAR Testing begins Monday

Parents please sign and return forms for: the internet policy (page 44 in the code of conduct), code of conduct (paper saying that you received it, and safety labs (2 sheets)


Weekly Test on Friday

Study Vocabulary Words Quiz Thursday


We will be continuing our study on understanding and classifying two-dimensional shapes based on properties this week. We will be taking a few practice quizzes to help get them ready for their test the following week. No test!


TSW learn the steps of the scientific method, and be able to apply it in an experiment. Analyze how tech solves problems and provides solutions.

Scientific Method Quiz Tuesday

TSW continue to learn, practice and apply new vocabulary Quiz Friday


(Word are on pages 351-354 in Interactive Science Notebook)

Accuracy, control group, data, evidence, experiment, hypothesis, inference, observation, precision, procedures, variable

Social Studies:

Sign Constitution


Forming introduction of paragraphs


Four Kinds of Sentences

Sentences can be classified in four different ways. Declarative sentences tell something and end with a period. For example: I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. Interrogative sentences ask something and end in a question mark. For example: Would you like something to eat? Imperative sentences give a command or make a request and end with a period. For example: Sit down. Exclamatory sentences express strong feelings and often end with an exclamation mark. For example: I’m starving!

Test on Wednesday


Short Vowels VCCV, VCV

1. distance 2. method 3. anger 4. problem 5. butter 6. petals 7. enjoy 8. perhaps 9. figure 10. channel 11. admire 12. comedy 13. husband 14. tissue 15. mustard 16. shuttle 17. advance 18. drummer 19. regular 20. denim

Challenge Words

1. avalanche 2. monopoly 3. reluctant 4. adequate 5. tangerine

Test on Wednesday

Other News:

Students may study spelling words on

Type in the search “Deidra Smith”>click the one with my name next to “Goshen…Troy…”>scroll down until you see “5th grade short vowels vccv, vcv”>click “games”


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